Zvecarica  new  and unique percussion instrument


Zvecarica  is a new and unique percussion instrument which has been designed and patented by Cajon Serbia MD.


New percussion music instrument Zvecarica

Rattlesnake is made of first class laminated wood of Finish Birch, carefully selected by hand  of a craftsman to gain the best possible sound of the instrument.

Zvecarica Rattlesnake is of irregular round shape, consisting of a wooden frame, two percussive plates (upper and lower membrane) with bass opening on the frame.

Zvecarica rattlesnake


Inside the frame there is a special Cajon MD patent which produces pleasent mid high frequency sounds of rattle while playing the instrument.

Zvecarica can be played by shaking, hitting or shuffling over wrinkled parts.

It can be played on both sides.

While playing it produces simultaneously soft rattling sound like the tambourine.

Bass opening can be orientated towards player or towards the audience. When facing the player, bass opening helps in improving the sound that the player hears which is good for practicing or playing in smaller rooms.

Zvecarica new percussion music instrument rattlesnake

Zvecarica percussion music instrument


rattle percussion music nistrument

Zvecarica Rattlesnake is a unique musical percussion instrument which in rhythmical playing produces rich timbre sound, from low middle range to soft or agressive higher range accompanied by rattling much like sleigh bells or tambourine.

Rattlesnake can be played on both side. One side produces high tones with mild rattles, while the other side produces lower tones with stronger rattle.

The greatest advantage of playing the rattlesnake is that the percussionist gets an oportunity to play two instruments simultaneously and it can replace all the percussion in any kind of music genre.

Rattlesnake can be played in a wide variety of music genres: rock, jazz, latino, blues, ethno…

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Martic Dragan


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